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Regenerative Agriculture


We are blessed to live and farm on Yaegl country and pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging. We acknowledge that this land we live and work with was and always will be aboriginal land. 

Solum Farm is 25 acres of Certified Organic permie paradise located in the coastal hinterland west of Iluka. We are artisan distillers, we’re medicinal herb farmers. We're makers.

Our farm is dedicated to regenerative herbalism, growing nutrient dense food and medicines, ecology and community.


Our passions are growing herbs and food, planting trees and listening to the land, drawing on over 30 years experience in building soil and regen agriculture.

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Welcome to our small batch distillery where we produce Essential Oils and hydrosols. We're passionate about all things bioregional herbalism. 


Our mission is to raise awareness about how medicines are made and herbs are grown and to open the door of wild crafting and renewing skills of old. 


Using a copper alembic still, we harvest our sustainably grown sourced plant material to provide you with a pure, ethical product. 

Our products are of high integrity leaving a light footprint on the earth.