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grown from humble beginnings

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Solum farm

Hemp Threads grew from humble beginnings, started by Hanna Navara and Leon Hoffmann-Detenhoff in 2018. 

A jar of seeds on an alluvial river sand paddock, amongst cane fields and remnants of big scrub rainforest on Widjabul country of Northern NSW.

From there we grew hemp park, an interactive farming research and development space for hemp education. We worked and continue to work with Bundjalung youth and elders to engage in dialogue and collaboration to explore hemp farming and related opportunities.

As students we experimented with a wide range of farming techniques using permaculture and regenerative agriculture techniques to grow food forests, alongside hemp forests. Likewise, we experiment with a range of hand processing techniques to make developments in fibre, hurd and seed products and see where the growing industry will take us.

rivers hemp pesto .jpg

We initially developed hemp seed food products;  Hemp seed pesto, under Rivers Hemp Kitchen, which continues to supply hemp seed pesto locally.

We have also established the hempcrete building arm of Hemp Threads. Carrying out a few hemp building projects with our hurd material.

We developed and continue to supply, bulk hemp seed for farmers. As well as developing new varieties of hemp for varying climates and uses.

Also experimenting with rope, string and paper making.  

After 4 growing seasons at Broadwater, we packed up our gear and moved to Solum Farm, on Yaegl country in Mororo. Solum Farm is a blessing for Hemp Threads with its streamlined systems, market gardens and established medicinal herbs.

Complimenting the high quality nature of the hemp threads fibre and food operation with its organic certification.

However, the 2019 season was plagued by fires, drought and heavy autumn rain, making for a tough year.

This brought us back with more perseverance for the 2020 growing season. In collaboration with Mike and Cheryl and Solum Farm  we decided to plant the 2020 crop for hemp seed oil production.


Now, with 600m of densely planted, thriving rows, Solum Farm is ready to provide certified organic, hemp seed oil to local country.

Ultimately hemp threads vissions a revived Australian hemp industry as part of sustainable agriculture. Revitalising rural living and jobs through regenerative agriculture and small-medium scale farms. Culturally integrated with first nations peoples to empower rural communities to share land and stories. creating food security, product diversity and sustainable raw, and medicinal materials.

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